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Maintenance Services

Proper Maintenance of your instrument ensures that it will be ready to go when you need it most. We recommend visiting us yearly to get a check-up and have your instrument professionally cleaned. Throughout the year instruments build up amazing amounts of gunk, and all of those little bumps and falls gradually cause more and more leaks which you may not notice until it's back in fully working order.


The standard maintenance for woodwind instruments is the COA, or clean/oil/adjust. It involves removing all keys from the instrument and cleaning and polishing the body and keys.

The process includes replacing any missing silencing material and removing/replacing of key lubricants. Not only does your instrument return shiny and clean, the keywork will be quick, quiet and smooth.

Bore Oiling

Did you know the wood in instruments dries up over time? Dry wood can lead to leaky pores, loose posts and rings, and even cracked instruments.

Here at K&C Music we carefully disassemble your woodwind and inspect it, before wiping the bore with our own special blend of natural oils to re-hydrate the instrument making sure it plays for years to come.

Chem Cleans

Chem Cleaning is the process of immersing the brass instrument in a mild acid which dissolves organic material while maintaining the integrity of the metal. This results in the full removal of any nastiness that has built-up inside your instrument restricting airflow.

To finish the cleaning all slides and valves are polished back to their original luster, valves are aligned with new felts, and leaky waterkey corks are replaced.