Our No-Risk "Rent to Own" program makes the rental process affordable and risk-free in hopes that your child finds a passion for music. This program allows children to learn on high quality instruments with small monthly payments rather than a large upfront investment.

In addition to our low monthly rental fee, your rental includes LTD (Loss, Theft and Damage) coverage that covers free repairs, loaner instruments and lost or stolen instruments. Please read the terms and conditions below for more information.

We visit each school district weekly, so there is no need to travel to us for repairs or accessories!

If you are renting a stringed instrument (Violin, Viola or Cello), you will need to first measure for the correct size. Please see this CHART to determine what size you need. As you progress in size, the principle will be applied to the next instrument.

You may end the rental contract at any time with no penalties or fees or you may purchase the instrument at any time with a significant discount off the remaining balance. Please read terms and conditions when you check out for full contract details. If you have any questions, please CONTACT US before placing your order.

If you would like to purchase rather than rent, please CONTACT US.

A credit card in the Lessee's name is required for all rentals. No Cash/Checks/Gift Cards will be accepted for initial rentals.

In addition to your instrument rental, you may need a book, music stand and other accessories as dictated by your teacher. If you purchase these at the time of your initial rental, they will be delivered along with your instrument.

In September, most instruments will be delivered to your school rental night.  If you would like to have your instrument delivered to your school instead, please choose that option upon checkout.


Every payment you make goes towards the purchase of the instrument
At the end of the contract period, you own the instrument
You may cancel at any time with no termination fees or additional charges
Early Purchase option with a significant discount off your remaining balance at any time
Convenient autopayment system
All rental instruments are covered by our Loss, Theft and Damage coverage
Repairs and loaners are provided free of charge
Weekly Pick-up & Delivery to your school
All instrument brands approved by your School Music Department

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