How do I rent an instrument?

Visit our website at and choose “Online Rental”.  Here, you can read a little more about how the program works and quickly get your student signed up for their instrument.  Choose the appropriate options from the dropdowns and then make an account.  The final details and complete instrument price with the added accessories will be shown after you create an account and log in. Remember that you are not obligated to continue and may return the instrument at any time. 

Free Delivery? How does that work?

We visit schools weekly to drop off instruments, accessories and speak with the instructors.  You can order reeds, books, new rentals, and anything else you may need on our website and choose the “School Delivery” option.  We will leave it in the office with your student’s name on it.

In September and October, many schools have a night dedicated to new band students where you may pick up your instrument. In this case, choose the School Rental Night pickup option. (Not all schools will have this option.)

How do I pay?

We use a convenient auto pay system, so your credit card will be charged monthly.  You may update your payment information at any time with our website or by calling us at 781-769-6520.

What should I do if my student doesn’t want to continue?

Instruments may be returned at any time during the rental period. Our office MUST be contacted for authorization.  You are responsible for the instrument until it is returned to us. DO NOT leave the instrument at the school without notifying us, your school/teacher is not a party in any instrument rental transaction.

Please keep in mind that returning the instrument results in the full loss of equity towards owning the instrument. If your student ends school in June but intends to play again in September, we strongly recommend keeping the instrument for the summer months. 

Do I keep my instrument over the summer?

If your student plans to continue playing the instrument for the following school year or will be taking summer lessons it would be in your best interest to keep renting over the summer, so your student has an instrument to play.  Please keep in mind that returning the instrument results in the full loss of equity towards owning the instrument.

Can I change my instrument?

We allow instrument exchanges for any instruments rented on monthly contracts. After confirming with your teacher, please contact us for instructions.  You will need to fill out a new contract, but we will apply your paid equity towards the new instrument.


My child needs a larger size stringed instrument, what do I do?

Give us a call and we can arrange for you to get the larger size.  You may, in some cases, need to fill out a new contract, but we will apply your paid equity towards the new instrument.

Can I buy my instrument?

Yes! You may purchase your instrument at any time. We offer a significant discount on your remaining balance at any time the contract is active.

Is my rental new? Can I purchase a new instrument?

Our rental instruments are all cleaned, serviced, and sanitized by our service team. Most are indistinguishable from new minus a few scratches.  New instruments are available to purchase, please contact us for details. 


What happens if my instrument needs repair? What is LTD?

It is not uncommon to need repairs, and many can be expensive. Our contracts include LTD which is a Loss, Theft and Damage waiver.  It provides repairs free of charge to your instrument while you are renting.  You are also protected in the case of a lost/stolen instrument. Abuse or malicious damage will void this coverage and you may be required to pay up to the full value of the instrument.

For repair issues, the most convenient method is to submit a service request on our website under the account section.  You may also call us at 781-769-6520.

If you have had your instrument stolen or it is damaged beyond basic repair, please call us at 781-769-6520 and we can help you in these rare situations.

During the first two years of your contract, if you have an issue with your instrument, we will generally exchange your instrument for a similar replacement to keep you playing with minimal disruption. If you are attached to your specific instrument, please let us know so we can make sure you get yours back. After the two-year mark, we will repair your specific instrument and provide you with a loaner.  As always, abuse is not covered in any case.

How much is it going to cost?

If you are renting from us and your account is current, probably nothing!  If not, we provide an estimate for every repair.  You will receive it in an email, or you can access it in your account. You can see what is required and decide whether to approve the work.

Our minimum bench fee is $45 which may be charged even if you choose not to have any work done.

How long does it take?

Most repairs are done within 2 weeks after approval. We will do our best to let you know when we send the estimate if it is going to take longer.

Do you provide loaners?

We provide loaners for instruments rented and purchased from us. In other cases, supplies may be limited.